Ok, the big question of all, why should you hire a photographer on one of the most important days of your life? There are so many reasons to this.

For one, the value of a great photographer is priceless. We capture the big day but also use our art to reveal your special day and unique love story. Yes, I said it, UNIQUE, because no love story out there is the same. That’s what makes this day so freaking special, you planned this wedding accordingly to what makes you and your significant other happy and describes you both.

Ok, lets just dive into the reasons why hiring a photographer on your wedding day is most important.

  1. Us photographers invest in you and your partner before, during and after the wedding. Every couple is completely different and unique. Therefore, a photographer takes their time getting to know their couples, knowing more about them before and during your big day. This will build trust. You can also come to your photographer during the time before your wedding day asking questions you may have, which helps tremendously on getting comfortable with your photographer and planning your wedding.
  2. A wedding photographer comes with experience and skills. This gives you a chance to let them use all their skills to create and bring your vision to life within the photography aspect.  
  3. No need for direction. A wedding photographer will know the importance of their job, be confident and will already know expectations without having to be asked. Wedding days are stressful, but your photographer will make it less stressful and capture all the moments needed.
  4. We catch every angle. A lot is going on during a wedding day. Having photographers (I myself and second shooters) can capture different angles during the ceremony and reception. This also means we can capture so many different moments like the first kiss as a married meanwhile getting your parents reactions during this moment and guests crying during your vows.
  5. Lastly, hiring a photographer you just won’t regret it! Photographers have the correct equipment needed, capture those raw and real moments. They make your day stress free while you enjoy your wedding day with your partner and party with your closest family and friends.



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