A first look isn’t required but it’s an option to think about. The first look can either be the best thing to you or not and that’s ok. Here are a couple of favorite reasons why you should have a first look.

Goodbye butterflies!

Whether you call it butterflies or nerves, say goodbye to them! I’ve had past couples that were nervous but once they have this intimate moment it all goes away. It’s filled with emotions, and it all gets so real! The big special day is finally here. I, myself have seen that it’s a real sweet moment and never changes their feelings during the ceremony

More time together!

Typically, the couple getting married doesn’t get together till you come down the aisle, then after ceremony which goes straight into family photos and portraits. During this first look, it allows you both to have more time together. Then you can spend every second together. Also, extra portrait photos.

An extra exciting moment!

Your wedding day is already exciting. This adds another exciting moment. Some couples get all giddy and excited to go through both first look emotions and then walking through the aisle moment. The excitement to see your significant other for the first time on the wedding day is out of this world!


Since having a first look allows extra time for portraits, which can be used for extra photos or get the portraits and bridal party photos done. Which leaves family photos after ceremony, maybe a few more newlywed portraits and then leaves the rest of the time to enjoy your cocktail with your guest.

Remember, first looks are not a required idea. This is just another option for you and your significant other to have for an intimate moment together, spend more time together, we know how wedding days can fly by! There’s always another first look idea that’s a first touch. You don’t have to see each other but you can touch hands right before the ceremony and say a few words to each other. Some couples have opt out on the first look but have a first touch.



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