Family photoshoots are so much fun! These are such special moments for your family. These portraits are created for you and your children to cherish forever. These photos are what stay in the family for generations to look back at.

I’ve had many families reach out asking questions leading into the shoot. They ask for tips or any advice. So here they are….

Let’s start with before the shoot, try to prepare the kids and your partner about the day coming up. Depending on age, some don’t think anything of it and some will be excited. Keep everyone in aa positive mood, tell them how much fun it will be and bribing is ok haha if you have to tell the little ones you’ll go out for ice cream after the photoshoot for good behavior, do it! I promise you’re not the only one.

Make sure everyone is rested and fed. Bring snacks if needed and huge suggestion if you have a smaller infant, definitely feed the baby. Don’t be scared to stop in the middle of the shoot to feed your baby, most of us photographers understand. I for sure do!

The most common question I get asked is about wardrobe, what to wear can be overwhelming but if you plan ahead, it makes it easier and I’m here to help. I typically have a style inspo I send to clients so you can match accordingly or to go with the style you’re wanting. Huge tip, wear something you’re comfortable in and can have fun. Keep it weather appropriate, you don’t want to feel uncomfortable in your clothing choice because it’ll show in your photos. As for makeup and hair, make sure you leave a good amount of time before the shoot so that you’re not feeling rushed that day.

What to bring the day of, snacks (try keeping it clean snacks, for ex. No chocolate snacks, it can get messy). Bring back up clothes, incase you have an option for a second look or just for precaution if someone gets dirty or stained during the photoshoot. Any activities you like doing as a family like, kicking a ball, blowing bubbles etc bring it.

Bring the family dog, if this means a lot to the family then it’s a must. Have a friend or dog walker come along to entertain and hold the dog for the moment they’re not in photos. With this, just consider locations that allow dogs and still a great location for photos.

If it’s a beach photoshoot, bring towels and bring extra dry clothes incase you decide you and your family want to go splash water or roll in the sand.

Final Tip for during the photoshoot, HAVE FUN! Enjoy your time with each other, its such a great way to spend time with each other so take advantage of that moment. Remember not every photo you have to look straight at the camera, the candid photos always show the love and intimacy between one another. Let each kid have their spotlight! let them show off they’re greatest smile, one who loves to race. Let them be goofy, I promise you will treasure these photos forever and seeing you all being yourself and showing your true self.

Well, there you have it, I hope these tips and advice help and prepare you for your next family photoshoot!



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